Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the Official Yardah Stud blog. This blog has been created to keep you posted on all the goings-on at the Yardah Stud farm, owned and run by world renowned trainer, Marji Armstrong.

Marji is a specialist at teaching both rider and horse the beautiful art of dressage. She has dedicated her life to Classical Horsemanship and has even developed a new breed called Spanish Warmblood.

Her website is dedicated to helping riders and horses the world over learn to ride in harmony and offers exclusive access to first-hand clinic training footage and hours of video training material.

This blog offers photos and videos and updates from all things Yardah. So stay in touch!

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This week at Yardah a new foal was born successfully. Yardah Challenge gave birth to a strong healthy colt in the early hours of Saturday morning. This is the fourth foal but the first colt to be born in 2012. The newest addition is son of Yardah Diablo. He was welcomed into the world by Marji in her somewhat famous leopard print nightie, which I am certain he will be seeing a few times during his lifetime. He has been good with handling and hasn't caused many problems but we are yet to try and get a halter on him. Here he is on his birthday with mother, Challenge:

Yardah Challenge with new colt, with Bella in the background overlooking procedures
We now only have one pregnant mare in Bella-Donna who we are still waiting on to deliver her foal. This weekend we have a Clinic taking place at Yardah and we are all excited to welcome the students on Thursday evening for a long weekend clinic. This then is followed by Marji travelling to the UK followed by Austria and finally Canada to run Clinics for international students. Exciting times ahead here at Yardah and lots of things to keep you posted with.

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