Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tall Poppy Syndrome - Hannibal

Hannibal. Pride of Carthage by David Anthony Durham   265-146 BC

Talking to promised stores and reinforcements after Hannibal had gone over the Alps with the elephants and made it safe for the ships to come with further assistance. (Thought --out of the box.)

by one of the Council (Imago Messano).. ".. the Council has decided to continue sending reinforcements to Iberia, but not to Italy."
Sapanibal (Hannibal's sister.)  "Not to Hannibal?"

.....  goes on . Imago Messano-- by Council.
"... but what they really fear is that your brother will achieve his goals. That result would make them [the Council] rich beyond all reason - but it would make Hannibal's fame immortal.  Greatness always makes enemies."    

Extracts from Pages 249 & 250.
And I thought the tall poppy syndrome was a modern cultural phenomena. Aren't we lucky that we have been inspired by so many people who have been brave enough to be different and successful.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lessons on Life by the Horses = #1

The horses always give me lessons on life.  A few weeks ago, I had the last year crop of foals in for a bit of handling.  I wanted them to follow me behind the wheelbarrow of hay out to another paddock.  Out of the 6 young ones 5 wanted to grab hay from the barrow and get a "freebie" but not game to go along the track out of sight to where I told them the hay would be.  However, one put up her hoof "Cheekie", and said, "I trust you. I will be your first follower."  Trotting along behind me. She got the best hay.  Then a second one "Erin" only took another moment to check out the situation.  "Oh! Goodee." Then the other 4 came rushing around saying, "Wanta! Wanta!"

Yardah Tarantella  a.k.a."Cheekie"  From her first day she had an independence attitude -- rather too much at the beginning and we called her nickname "Firecracker." Now she is very obliging.

Sadly, I did not have the camera as a walking stick and barrow of hay was enough without the camera as well.
However, I stood back and thought of the lesson that they all can show us and about human behaviour.

A leader needs the guts to stand alone and look ridiculous. But what he/she's doing is so simple, it's almost instructional and it is not that hard as the leader knows the vision and the end result. It takes real guts to be the first committed follower! "Cheekie."  The first follower stands out and braves ridicule.  What if there had not been any hay around the corner. The others preferred to snigger and would rather to miss out, than take a chance about the hay.  However when, Yardah Enigma "Erin" also chased the hay, the other 4 thought they had missed out on something.

Look at the video above 5:35.  "Cheeky" thought she would just have a little drink from a different mare, Mayfair. Yep, "Cheeky" will always be a pioneer.

Will try to write a Yardah report on regular basis.
Do really want to tell you the story about "Erin" jumping two incredible jumps for a 10 month.  Will take a bit of words challenge for me to describe the situation. Unbelievable.